My Philosophy

Mental Maintenance is about taking care of that thing we call the brain between our ears.

Taking care of our brain is like maintaining a vehicle. If it doesn’t receive the appropriate fuel, regular tune ups, maintenance, oil changes and get regular trips to warm up the engine things start to break down. At first it could be something small like a broken windshield wiper but over time as things get ignored or overworked without proper care larger and bigger problems start to pop up. Pretty soon a small inexpensive repair becomes a larger project that takes more time and tools. In order to do maintenance we require tools and parts that are unique to each vehicle. If you go into the oil filter section in Canadian tire how many choices do you see? There is no one size fits all in taking care of mental health either. If its time to invest in the toolbox and maybe do a little overhaul I can work with you to tailor your own personal toolbox.

Our brain needs care just like the engine in your vehicle. If we do not eat regular meals, sleep properly and use tools to keep it running smoothly we start to see difficulties arise. Just like engines, not all brains are wired the same. The tools you would use on a Ford Model T and 2018 Ford 350 are not the same.  At first, it may be like a car that hasn’t had regular maintenance and could take longer. With time, as your own personal toolbox gets bigger the need to attend sessions will lessen because you can provide your own maintenance using the tools you gained.

My job as your mental health consultant is to help you build a toolbox so that you can do your own mental health maintenance on an ongoing basis.  If you are struggling right now or maybe there is just so much pressure in your life then it could be time to add some tools to your toolbox.

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