My own journey to finding ACT and why I believe in it

Somehow Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) found me in a google search. From there I stumbled upon Russ Harris videos on Youtube and then I listened to many podcasts to learn more about it. The interesting part was as I was doing all of this the worlds and exercises I was learning about were having an effect on me. While I was doing this a friend and I dabbled in Russ Harris book “ACT made simple.” The hands-on exercises and metaphors were the nail in the coffin.

In truth, my friend and I were learning these tools together and improving our lives in various ways. ACT, at times, can be quite a hands-on method. This is why I am so passionate about it, who doesn’t want to just “do” something. After a while we get tired of talking. Sometimes we just need to try something different than we’ve tried before. ACT approaches things in a variety of ways and makes it flexible to use despite how different we all are.

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