Therapy and ADHD

As someone living with ADHD I have made it a mission to learn therapies that are effective with ADHD. The combination of the therapies I work with in addition to my own lived experience make working with me a unique experience for ADHDers.

I am able to help you discern how ADHD impacts your life. I provide tips and tricks on working with the different parts of ADHD. Now having worked with many people with ADHD I have gotten skilled at helping you figure out your own specific ADHD recipe. Much like any other neurodivergence there is no cookie cutter approach to working with ADHD and no two ADHDers are alike. You have your own set of historical experiences and coping strategies that make you. . . . you. I work collaboratively and try to give my clients the most freedom while we work together. I work within your parameters . . . .if you prefer more structure we set up more structure. If you prefer to work in an organic way we can work that way too.