Anxiety goes way back. Our Ancestors needed it to survive. If you couldn’t plan for the threats you were unlikely to survive. These days the threats are quite different. They look like worry and stress about the possiblity of many things. Some examples could be:

  • worry our partner will leave us or that we will mess up and they will leave us
  • maybe we might lose our job
  • I’m not good enough and I will fail at something
  • A persistent feeling of unease or nervousness
  • ruminating on all the bad things that could happen
  • and SO MANY other things. 
We can experience anxiety and fear to the point of feeling like a hungry bear is following us wherever we go. If it lasts long enough it begins to drain away our passion and joy for life. When you start to lose freedom of choice in your life. . . anxiety begins to feel like it has quite the strangle hold. It becomes a trap and maybe we get out for a bit and start living only to get snared again. 
I have been there. . . I have had such bad anxiety I couldn’t even sit down. . . .I needed to move but had no purpose. I felt scattered, forgetful and eventually like the walls were shutting in around me. Then I got help and through that help I decided to become someone who could help others. I am passionate about your journey because I know how limiting life can become. The freedom I have now to live a life of purpose and clear direction is something I know others can achieve.
It is with that hope and belief that I help you build a toolbox that works for you. There is no cookie cutter method out of any mental health distress because each person is so unique. Reach out and book a consultation or an appointment and I will explain how.