About Me


 Meet Danielle

I am Danielle Peloquin and I have been interested in Mental Health my entire life, starting with peer counselling classes in high school. I went to North Peace Senior Secondary but left for many years before returning and ultimately deciding to settle permanently in Fort St John. I am dedicated to working in our community.

I am currently completing my Masters in Counselling/Psychology with Yorkville University. Before applying to the Masters program I had become passionate about mental health, specifically Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Check here to find out why I’m passionate about this. I belong to the Association of Contextual Behavioural Science and hold several different positions in various interest groups within the association. I attended the international conference in Montreal this past July.

I have a wide variety of interests including being outdoors, technology projects, and am a strong advocate for self-directed learning. My past work experiences include forest engineering, car rental agent, international communications project manager, English teacher and auto service writer. My current studies have captivated my interests for the past 4 years and I continue to deep dive because I think that the leaps forward in current neuroscience are fascinating. It is a fast changing field and because of this what we know about mental health and how we process things changes daily.

I am dedicated to working with each person individually. We are all unique recipes and that means how I work with you will depend entirely on what you need. I can guarantee that you will walk out of my office with more tools and knowledge than you walked in with. I look forward to hearing from you whatever stage of your path you are on.