Live in the moment – what does that mean?

Live in the moment – what does that mean?

It’s like a buzz word these days. . . Living in the moment. . . .being present. . .but what does it mean?

To understand the meaning of this think about the word “awe.” What does mean to you? When you go outside on a crisp winter night in the north and you look up and see the Northern Lights do you say to yourself. . .hmm that shade of green is all wrong or why is that one so out of line with the other one? Look hard and think what does my mind say to me in this moment as I glimpse at this world wonder?

Think about that sunset on a warm summer night over a still lake? Is it “only” a sunset or does it mean something more to us? What if we could view those we loved in this way? What if we could see the small things on our drive to work and see them the same way. This is something I refer to as the sunset mode of mind. When we are in the sunset mode of mind problems do not need solving. When we are in the sunset mode of mind our children laughing could be something whimsical.

Our brains are wired to analyze every situation which is needed. The critical mind doesn’t quite work when we want to be kind to ourselves. When kindness is in order, we need the sunset mind. When you watch a sunset do you say. . .that pink isn’t the right shade or that orange is clashing with the red. In general, we don’t judge sunsets but rather we appreciate their beauty and how each one is unique.

What happens if we live in the sunset mind more often? What would I want to do this? Honestly, a lot of things get easier. The pain of that workout becomes enjoyable as you notice each muscle working to get you through. Instead of being annoying, the loud kids in the living room become a source of joy as you notice their giggles. The breeze during a warm winter night feels good as you breathe in the fresh air and feel it caress your skin. For more check out this article “15 Powerful Benefits Of Living In The Moment” by Business insider.

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