Get Your Life In Gear

Is life feeling out of control? Relationship difficulties? Taking care of mental wellness is like maintaining a vehicle. Anxiety, relationship trouble and anger are symptoms that a tune-up is in order. To have a life that runs without breakdown requires regular tune ups, and maintenance. You and your relationship, have needs, like an engine. My aim is to help you build a tool box that you can use at any time to help you through moments of struggle, difficulty and pain. I tailor sessions to build a personalized toolbox so you can live YOUR best life.


 I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I am trained in building skills specific to anxiety, anger and relationship difficulties. My methods are grounded in neuro-science research. I specialize in men’s issues and relationships. I can navigate relationship and marriage issues including blended families, cross-cultural relationships and consensual non-monogamy.
Living in remote and rural regions have their own challenges. I’ve worked in the forest, automotive and hospitality industries. I learned many things from traveling the world and reading A LOT. I live in a neurodiverse family. I have ADHD and children with both ADHD and ASD. I am familiar with struggle and this gives me insight to help you on your journey.

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My Philosophy

Mental Maintenance is about taking care of that thing we call the brain between our ears. Taking care of our brain is like maintaining a

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